The C.A.M. Charity Anthology (CAM Horror and Science Fiction Book 1)

All of the CAM Charity Anthologies are made up of donated short fiction stories. Some of these tales are written by well-known authors, others by ordinary people who just want to try and make a difference. 100% of the profits from these collections will go to charity as explained below.

Michael Robb Mathias Jr. aka M. R. Mathias, owner of Mathias Publishing, is producing the C.A.M anthologies in honor of his mother, Carol Ann Mathias, who passed away in 2017 after a grueling five year battle with cancer. The profits of these collections will be divided equally, each year, between three of her favorite charities.
(Each of these three organizations has an A or A+ rating with a “watch dog” group that rates these non-profits based on several criteria, the most important being percentage of donations that reach the intended ones in need.)

A collection of Fantasy stories is also available and we hope there are more volumes to come.

This Kindle download is:
Horror & Science Fiction, Vol. 1

Featuring (In Order of Appearance)
Brian Barr
Ani Fox
Michael Robb
J.T. Arralle
Jeremy Hicks
Gary W. Olson
Michael Ender
Michael Pogach
Ed Faunce
Matt Broadway

With Interior Artwork by
Gideon Deschain

Cover art by Jack Hoyle. See more of his fantastic artwork at

The Rise of the Phoenix

MagnaCon the one of the largest Conventions of Sci-Fi, Fantasy , and horror fans in the world. But is that all there is? It’s said that magic is a daily part of the Con. Can that be true? Come explore Rise of the Phoenix and find out what goes on behind the scenes of the greatest of all the Cons. Includes stories by Nancy Knight~~Jean Marie Ward~~J.M. Whit
Trina Krieger~~Georgiana Fields~~Mary Marvella
Jeanne De Sa~~Melba Moon~~Michael Conley
Nan Manroe~~Carol Shaughnessy~~Todd Geller
Yasmine Bakhtiari~~Dan McGirt~~J.T. Arralle~Jesse Slade

What a Sap!

Another cold winter approaches and Shlon is tasked working the forest with the other single men.
After a terrible accident that leaves him the lone survivor, he is left with many questions. Why did he, alone, survive? As the questions continue to pile up, he fears for the safety of those around him. Pursued by some other worldly terror, it’s a race against the clock as he seeks the truth.

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